Terror Error

Terror Error

Light Installation
dark room, RGB rotating light bulbs, timer
Year: 2016

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TERROR ERROR celebrates the socio-political anti-analysis. It’s an installation that contemplates the contemporary tragedies using an ironic and disengaged point of view. The art gallery is transformed into a dark room lit by rotating disco light bulbs that form the word TERROR. By switching on and off the letter T every five seconds, a close bond between the words TERROR and ERROR appears, with multiple analytical implications. The walls are covered in moving light spots, typically seen in disco clubs. Thus, the art space achieves an ambiguous identity, losing its initial comprehensible purpose. The light signage is similar to those used to ostentatiously draw attention to striptease clubs or sex shops. On another level, a current issue is revealed – the media broadcast global terror with supersonic speed, without controlling its repercussions. “The next report contains disturbing images” – a disclaimer that news anchors use on a daily basis. Often, the breaking news creates a terrible sense of confusion and frustration. On the social networks we can watch the beheading of prisoners, but we ban women’s nipples from the public view. The live streaming websites broadcast in real time rape or suicide scenes, nonetheless Kim Kardashian is ferociously criticised for exposing her naked bottom on a magazine cover. The acts of terrorism are censored just enough to not see detached body parts, or internal organs. Meanwhile, the Lars von Trier’s Nimphomaniac part II is banned from the movie theatres for its sexually explicit scenes.

This discrepancy between the (un)accepted types of visual violence determines the dawn of a collective consciousness marked by uncontrollable moral contradictions. TERROR ERROR aims to display the social disengagement in front of all the media non-senses and look at the intensity of the global perception of terror. It’s an invitation to dance without music on a stage where terror has the same hypnotic quality as any addictive reality show.