Feeding Idle

4503 silicone feeding nipples, light
Year: 2018


Feeding Idle is a systematic process of assembling a single object, obsessively repeated in order to achieve a ritualistic inward rhythm. Feeding Idle meticulously investigates the identity hybridisation of an object, by replicating it in a quasi-iconographic cadence. The silicone nipple, a device used to feed new-born babies, loses its own functional purpose and becomes an integral part of a semiotic mechanism.

"Seriality is being turned into a concept. Balint reminds us that the course of reproducing the industrially manufactured objects is an act of criticism on surviving through capitalism. The apparently prosaic objects develop into works of art and remind us of the change in the analysis by raising multiple questions. Questions that become the basis of critical thinking. Balint is an artist acting as an intermediator." (Răzvan Ion)