Interactive Installation
metal, printed fabric, Sengled interactive light bulbs/speakers,
max MSP, ultra sonic sensors, Arduino, sound
Year: 2016

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FANGAI is an interactive installation structured as a light&sound experience. It starts with a light fixture, as a pentagonal mushroom, designed for a Sengled interactive wireless audio speaker incorporated in a light bulb. The installation consists of 12 mushrooms, each of them generating light and sounds. The soundscape is designed as an augmented interpretation of how the mushrooms' gills would sound if that could be possible to be perceived by the human ear. All the sounds are processed audio recordings of real objects that can produce repetitive sounds, like shuffled books, colanders, ventilators, griddles, etc. All the sounds are triggered by the visitors moving inside the installation. Every mushroom has multiple sounds played randomly, in order to create each time a new dynamic and organic soundscape. 
The installation is a statement on how the new generations of daily objects can give birth to experiential languages. 

Sound concept: Dan Stefan Rucareanu, Stefan Damian, Martin Balint
Sound programming: Stefan Damian