The New Orthodoxy of the Airless Mornings

Year: 2005
Technique: nylon curtain, chandeliers, glue, sound, variable dimensions

The new orthodoxy of the airless mornings is a site-specific piece, installed at Palazzetto Tito of Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in 2004 for the exhibition entitled I borsisti della 87ma Collettiva. A 15m long nylon curtain is suspended in the centre of an ample historical Venetian room. 
The chandeliers are not at the usual height, creating a different perspective of the space. The visitor has a different view of the room, feeling himself/herself much taller than usual. 
A background voice that repeats the same words: “Don’t breathe in here”. It is a request to stop doing even the most natural and automatic things that a person could do, to get focused entirely on this situation. 
Art absorbing the space, versus The space absorbing art.