Sun Being

Year: 2009
Technique: Handmade red icosahedron kusudamas (after a Tomoko Fuse model) made of 30 pieces each

As for most of my installations the relational aspect with the public is of primary importance. In Sun Being, the visitor is invited to come into contact with the work both in a spatial and a metaphorical sense. 
Part of my recent output consists of works composed of serial elements repeated in an obsessive harmony achieved through old crafting techniques. The primary elements are handmade -as if making a ritual, a sort of mantra- that materialize in their global and slow development into conceptual installations. 
The focus is not essentially on the aesthetic composition but mostly on how the composition creates the propitious environment to incorporate the public physically in the installation thus giving everyone the opportunity to observe the sensorial reaction created in this new situation. 
Sun Being is composed of icosahedron paper asteroids that gravitate around an inexistent sun. The moment a person enters the installation, metaphorically he/she replaces the empty space and becomes the sun itself.

SUN BEING is a site adaptable installation. It has been exhibited in three places:
Le Beffroi de Montrouge, Paris -France
Villa Olmo, Como - Italy
Fondazione La Fornace, Asolo Treviso - Italy