MEM-NON | The Great Mormon Temple

MEM-NON | The Great Mormon Temple

Year: 2014
Technique:  polyurethane foam modules, customized zippers, printed satin, talking buttons, ambient microphones, audio recording application, website, soundcloud

MEM-NON is an interactive visual soundscape installation that combines principles of chromatic mimicry found in nature with synesthesia. It is conceived as a sensorial experience for the public, which is invited to discover through sound and color the shape of a butterfly (Papilio Memnon - The Great Mormon – a polymorphic butterfly with Batesian mimicry characteristics). 

 Interactive modular pillows create a temple-like environment with the shape of a gynandromorphic butterfly (with both female and male appearance) on its surface. The pattern forms a soundscape that can be activated by the public through toy buttons, hidden inside the pillows. Every interactive pillow has a unique sound related to its colors and pattern. This way, one can live a complex experience through combined sensorial channels.

 All the sounds are uploaded in real time on SoundCloud, and then archived on the MEM-NON website, from where they can be listened and then shared on social networks. 

Visitors performing MEM-NON